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Out of Cards :)

--by integrity, posted Dec 18, 2006
I was at a gathering and smile cards came up in conversation.  My friends thought it was a great idea and "bum-rushed" me for my cards.  I gave every single one of them away!  
At first I thought that I had done a disservice because they didn't go out with a good dead.  But then I thought what a great dead indeed.  I had circulated about 6 smile cards in 2 seconds.  I hope they join the cause.  Merry Christmas everyone.
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rocky78 wrote: Merry Christmas to you too! :)
hiloecho wrote: Well now 6 people will go out and do 6 acts of kindness and in turn 6 others will go out and do.................Merry Christmas!
Grace wrote: Merry Christmas to you too out of a sunny and warm South Africa!

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