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My Fair Lady

--by Grace, posted Dec 21, 2006

Last week, one of my colleagues gave me two tickets to the musical My Fair Lady  - it was the opening night and she got the tickets from somebody else in the ofice. Seeing that she has a small boy and couldn't go, she offered me the tickets.

I phoned my two daughters and asked  what should I do - try and find a friend to go with me [my husband was out of town and both my daughters are visiting with their babies without their husbands] when my youngest daughter offered to look after her sister's ten-week-old baby so that she could go with me - she said that she thinks her sister deserves an evening out!

I felt so grateful that my youngest daughter would do this for my eldest daughter! She was a bit despondent to leave her baby but we did go  and enjoyed the evening tremendously! Before we close at work for the Christmas season, I will most certaibly give my colleague a nice present!

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Ginny wrote: That is nice heart wraming story. Thanks for sharing that.

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