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Fight Club and the Passerby

--by guin, posted Dec 23, 2006

Recently, my dad was walking along from the office to the high court (being a lawyer). There he saw a young man being beaten up by 5 others.

My dad is really thin and puny and not in the least bit tough-looking or athletic. But something prompted him to just go onto the scene and protect the guy. He hugged the young man and began acting as if he knew him from a long time. Soon, the other 5 rough guys recognized him for being a lawyer and left the youth alone. He thanked my dad and said he could not express how he felt.

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Aurelia wrote: I am so touched by this story, you dad is a remarkably strong child of GOD. Thanks for sharing this incredible story with us. Aurelia
Aiya wrote: Oh my gosh! That man was so blessed to have had your dad find him! People can be so mean. :(
wayfarer wrote: Real courage is feeling the fear - and doing it anyway! I bet your dad felt the fear, but he did it anyway. What a man! Cherish him!
Lafantasma wrote: Way to go! Helping someone while putting yourself in danger is the ultimate kindness.
harraq wrote: here we have to modify our meaning of strength.
Sure it is that power that we need in the wold today.....
thank dad......
speedi wrote: your dad is very brave,,it is very hard to stand up to bullies espically when they out number and outsize oneself...Bless him
starreyes wrote: That is amazing. The world needs more people like your dad. If we could all have that much courage the world would be an even better place.
pacots wrote: Your dad was very brave,he could of also been hurt,but he wanted to do what is right.
Ari1969 wrote: Yes, we all need to develop such a sort of guts to resist while seeing something unpleasant happening in front of our eyes.
nisha wrote: It takes so much inner-courage to do this. You must be very proud of your Dad.

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