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Nothing Less of a Miracle

--by kim, posted Jan 1, 2007
We have spent this year using our cards to pay for the car behind us in drive-thru's. Most usually this happens on a Sunday morning after we have all worked at our church. Then it comes is our story:

This past Sunday, after 3 of my kids had been with me from 7am-1pm, they were working in the childrens’ wing of our church and were starving. They voted for McDonalds. Not having a lot of money on me I hesistantly drove to McDonalds. Upon arrival, the drive thru line was wrapped around the building, hungry and being impatient, I decided just to give in and wait. At that time I also began to pray. God I don’t have a lot of money but if you want me to pay for the car behind me just give me a sign, he is very accommodating to this request.

After ordering, for just the kids, I found myself at the pay counter, when the worker looked at me and smiled saying, "your all set have a great day"…what? Yes she said. A man in the line did not place an order he just drove up to the window and paid for the 3 cars behind him, your car 2 and the car behind you is car 3…Amazing…God took care of us and the car behind…it was also neat for my kids to experience this side of giving…
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Becki wrote: God is good and he does hear our prayer's big or small. Thank you for your kindness .
Nicole wrote: What a great story. How special for you to be a part of it.
RENEE wrote: That was a great story. I have never thought about doint that. I am going to try it ~ Renee

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