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Superman T-shirt

--by Dreamer, posted Dec 28, 2006

I located this amazingly hard working college student who wanted to save money for college by helping me in the office and home.  When we were sorting through some clothes, she exclaimed, "I love that superman t-shirt."  I didn't understand, and asked "What superman t-shirt". 

 And she proceeded to show me this cute white top with a big Superman S in glitter.  It seemed like it was made for her, and as an act of kindness, I said, "Hey, Merry Christmas, I believe this is your t-shirt." She proceeded to get really excited and immediately put it on.  And the surprising thing, is it was as if that t-shirt had been waiting for her this whole time, as I had forgotten about this gift and it fit her perfectly!  I would say this young lady was superwoman in her own right, putting herself through school and supporting her whole family- including an invalid grandmother.

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MrTwinker wrote: How thoughtful of you! The spontaneity of your gesture must have really surprised her and made her even more grateful of your generosity!
earthling wrote: You are a SuperWoman too!

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