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Fruit For A Hungry Man

--by k2livlov, posted May 27, 2014
Walking to the elevated railway I passed a man in a doorway holding a sign asking for money for food. I smiled at him and wished him a good day. 

As I got closer to the train station I saw a man selling fruit. So I bought a bag and walked it back to the hungry man in the doorway. 

I didn't know about this website then. It's just the way I operate. I am deeply grateful for the love, joy, and happiness in my life and I give it back every chance I get. 

Sometimes it's a smile or a compliment but I am always trying to put it out there in return. It's the best!
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cheds0118 wrote: My husband and i would also the same thing everytime we meet someone on the street asking for food or money. We always end up buying something, going back to that person's location and giving the person what we bought. It just feels so good doing that. Kudos to you k2livlov!

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