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Mystery Hero

--by Donna Daw, posted Dec 28, 2006
I was out late last year and found my battery was dead when I came back from shopping with my 2 year old son, JUST as I realized this a man approached with some jump leads. He said his name was Bavern and started my car and gave me cash. I thanked him but wondered why the money, "you'll understand soon enough" I asked him how it was he was there with leads to help me, he said "its my karma, I can't help it!!!!" which I don't really understand. As I got down the road I realized my petrol light was on and as I pulled into the station the sign read "NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHEQUES" (they'd obviously had a link problem) This man had saved my day and my son and myself were able to get back home.

I have never seen the man again but others in the area have spoken of amazingly similar experiences of being helped by this man out of the blue. He is tall, of Indian descent and bald like Kojak. He had big eyes and this may sound srrange but he had "deep and caring" eyes. He was wearing a black anorak and had a constant smile on his face as though he was enlightened in some way. Can anyone shed any light on this great act of kindness and the bizarre timing of this mysterious visitor D Daw (Mitcham)
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