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Help Me!

--by unknown, posted Apr 1, 2014
This morning I was in the rest-room of a grocery store. I left a sealed envelope on the hand dryer with the words "Help Me!" written on the outside. 

Inside the envelope I placed $10 and a card which read, "Helping you, helped me! Enjoy this and pay it forward if you can. Have a nice day!"
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ar61 wrote: That is such an awesome idea! Haha. The receiver must have been like. "oh! Whats this? " . After opening it: "omg i love this world! "
1808982955 wrote: Perfect ideaļ¼
Ninjapree wrote: Wow! What an amazing idea!
unknown wrote: Thank you all
ElleDee wrote: Love it, great idea!!!
thegirlcalledwil wrote: oh i love this. hilarious. what a buzz! I'm gunna do this tomorrow thanks for the idea. going to entertain myself now with ideas of where to place the envelope :) heeee heee
iamloved wrote: Brilliant!!! I love what you said! Keep it up!!! Job well done!

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