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Breakfast And A Date

--by mrsbunch64, posted Apr 2, 2014
I had arranged meet a former student for breakfast. While I was waiting an elderly man entered the cafe. He was dropped off by a local bus company that transports the elderly and infirm. 

As I watched him cross the room leaning on his walker I decided to surprise him by paying for his breakfast. I told the waitress I wanted to take care of his bill but asked her not to tell him who did it. 

After he left the waitress came over and said, "He told me to tell you thank you and to let him know if you wanted a date!" 

It was a great way to start the day and brought smiles all round!
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mightym wrote: How incredibly generous and kind of you. I work with many senior citizens who are lonely, abandoned and have very little. What a wonderful gentleman to not only accept your kindness but to send a smile your way. Bless you for caring for those who have so much to offer others.

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