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Sushi & Cookies

--by hiloecho, posted Dec 26, 2006
Last night my wife decided she wanted to make sushi and chocolate chip cookies for the Pastors at our church. She started late about 10pm and at midnight, I was to tired to do much more and went to bed. When I awoke this morning it was like Santa had visited. Here were all these packages wrapped with ribbons and bows which wowed me and she was afraid her gifts wouldn't be received well, silly girl. We delivered them to the church and when we dropped off Pastor Pauline's she smiled and said "You too good" to my wife.

I do a lot of volunteer work in the garden at the church and as my wife works she doesn't have the time to volunteer so her way of saying thank-you was to donate her culinary talents to those who fill us up with that spiritual soul food. I was proud of her and I know she felt good being able to give back and it says to me that it's so easy to let others know we care. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Ginny wrote: That is such a nice story. Thank you sharing. Just one little thing can bringten someones day.

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