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Lending a hand for Math

--by MrTwinker, posted Dec 31, 2006
On Friday, many people skip school and start their Christmas break a day early, so the school often has a low attendance rate for that day.  I showed up to do a mini math quiz that we had.  To my great surprise, these two girls, who are more of the socializing type, came to class as well!  I'm a guy who studies hard and understands most of the course work, so naturally, they came over to ask for help.  I explained the concepts to them, and the different formulas used, and as we talked, I found many striking similarities that  we shared, which I had not known existed.  Just helping out someone learn easier or know how to solve a problem really goes a long way.  Thanks to our little exchange, I now know a little more about two girls in my class, and by my help, hopefully they passed the quiz with flying colors. 

The little things we can do to brighten up someone else's day, are truly infinite
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sonshine wrote: I'm sure these two girls will not forget the time you took from your day to help them... and you will also be blessed!
Guin wrote: Wow!
That was really nice of you...especially when young people like us generally tend to stick to our own circles.It is really surprising how we can just stretch a helping hand if we grow out of our own pre-conceptions!Thanks for sharing!

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