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The Kindness of Immigrants

--by annie, posted Jan 7, 2006
I wish to tell a story about how much we can learn from those people who have  chosen to build their lives in a place we have always called home.

For many years now, I have been noticing the lack of respect for elderly, or disabled persons on buses or subways. We were taught to cede our seats immediately to someone who needed it more. But that seems to be the exception rather than the rule now.

I am very happy to report, that on several bus & subway trips recently, the tide seems to be turning! Seats were being ceded left, right, and center, to seniors, mothers with children, and the disabled. And those giving up their seats were all immigrants from all corners of the planet! I gave every one of them the warmest smile I could, and reminded myself we have much to learn from these people we usually undervalue. Also, example is the most powerful teacher.
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Lawrie wrote: Yes it reminds me to stay grateful for the blessings i have and can take so easily for granted. Thanks.
2cents wrote: Perhaps there is something about the comfort of our lifestyles in this country that creates a sense of entitlement after our families have been here for awhile. In addition to the many benefits that immigration has on this country, immigrants remind us to cherish and respect those things we often take for granted. Thanks for opening my eyes to that fact once again.
rocky78 wrote: I too have noticed that! :)
Dreamer wrote: I really enjoyed your story, and the kindness you shared with a smile at the immigrants.
Ginny wrote: Thanks for sharing that. I have noteced that too.

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