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Learning life's lessons

--by silentdreamer, posted Jan 8, 2007

I believe that life is always teaching us the lessons we need to learn.  We can either live our lives with awareness and listen to what is being taught to us as it happens, or we can ignore it and let the same message return to us again and again until we have no choice but to take notice.

I believe that each lesson ultimately takes us deeper within ourselves so that we can live from a place of unconditional love, more and more, until eventually it is what we become.

Recently I was taught a very important lesson. It is the lesson of gratitude.

Someone dear to me was taken very ill. It was a devastating scare for the whole family. The event changed my whole perspective on life and what really matters.

Suddenly I have realised that there really is no time to waste. No person and no situation in life can be taken for granted. There is no time to bear grudges or to procrastinate. There is no time to argue and fight over things that in the grand scheme of things mean absolutely nothing.

Suddenly I am filled with gratitude for those who have meant so much to me in my life. I want to meet each moment with love, because each and every moment is precious and cannot be taken for granted.

Nothing in life has more value than the relationships we share with those we love. Nothing in life can compare to the gift that family, friends and people dear to us really are. These relationships are really precious and no opportunity should be lost in being kind, letting go of petty issues and forgiving, in being generous, in bringing as much comfort as we can to those who may need it.

Most of all, no opportunity should be lost in growing deeper in unconditional love by giving as much as we can to those around us with the intention of pure love, in each moment that we are presented with.

These are some of the lessons I have learnt recently.  

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pacots wrote: Thank You for the wonderful story,I sure am going to think twice about some things I take for granted.
reshmakurup wrote: This life is a mystery-beautiful-live it.
Living the mystery of life so totally is joy.
Becoming the mystery is divine.
You are a mystery!
When you see life in this context, clarity dawns in your mind and your life improves.

By His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji

Have a wonderful new year friend
Hugs and kisses
Reshma kurup

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