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Act of kindness

--by bubinu, posted Jan 9, 2007

Before I had my daughter, I used to work in a factory  and I remember that I finished the job but  before I got out of the factory, there was a pile of things for the poor. I had nothing to give, so I decided to give the jacket I was wearing.

It was my favorite jacket. Sometimes I still think about that jacket, but I hope it went to the right person. I remember thinking before I took off the jacket that I hope it will heal someone that needs comfort. 

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pacots wrote: What a wonderful thing to do,even though you loved the jacket you thought of some poor person who really needed it.
waltzes wrote: Your sacrifice was great in the eyes of God. You are truly blessed!
Ari1969 wrote: Yes, you did it right. You have served as well as taught a humble lesson to learn the power of giving to people who deserve.
2cents wrote: What a touching story! Thanks so much for your selflessness and love.
Becki wrote: Yes, you are very blessed !!

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