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The Yellow Ribbons

--by beckid, posted Jan 10, 2007

Across the street from my house live an older couple who are raising their 4 grandchildren, 2 of which are 13-year-old girls. 

I always by clothes and shoes and most still have tags on them.  I always give stuff away and this time a light  flashed in my head - the girls across the street .  So I filled up 2 hefty trash bags full of shoes, clothes, purses, shampoo, everything.  I didn't want to embarass anybody including myself.  I like to do things when nobody knows it's me. 

So at the crack of dawn, I tied big beautiful yellow ribbons on the bags, went across the street, and put them over the fence.  Later that day, the girls were going in and out of the house trying on all the clothes and shoes . It was like a fashion show and they were so excited - laughing  and jumping up and down.  Seeing those girls so happy was awesome!

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lmil1954 wrote: and Janie here's my comment too!!!!!
Love you dolly girl!!!
AURELIA wrote: Becki, I can't believe I didn't comment on your very first story!!!!
You are awesome, I am so proud of you for making those girls so happy and keeping it annonymuous! Hugs and Love, Aurelia Jane
andy wrote: so nice of you to do those nice it possible you and your friends may be to send a small donation to a family that really needs it.this family is really struggling.there address is 111 33 127st south ozone park ,ny 11420.maybe just five dollars it adds up.
sewingsphynx wrote: When you do it that way it becomes more about the giving than the giver.
speedi wrote: you put a smile on there face and blessings on yourself just by being you God Bless
reshma Kurup wrote: Good Job Friend!! Keep spreading the care and share around...
Happy new year
harraq wrote: That is great friend....
How great it is when we see the fruits of our kind acts seen just from the window of our houses....
Here there is an idea my friend.....if one wants to do good just begain from those you know ....they every where ..Just see you ll see them...
Thank you very much for creating a lght of hapiness above the roof of that house .....God sse it be sure of that...
Flowers wrote: What a great thing to do!
Ginny wrote: That is wondrul idea and story. I love when the light or somthing random happnes my head. Its the best and most rewanding things.
Beth wrote: What a beautiful thing to do. I am sending you an e-hug because your a beautiful human being.Keep up the good work!!

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