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--by silentdreamer, posted Jan 10, 2007

This year for christmas, I decided to make a special effort to carefully select and wrap presents for my friends and family. I also sent out cards for the first time in many years.

Although I do not usually celebrate christmas, I saw it as an opportunity to show the people who are dear to me exactly how precious they really are to me.

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Rev.V.Dana Kumar wrote: I Greet you in most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Once again Thank you for your encrag word of God during the Easter time, it make me strength to teach in our churches and our Orphanage home and those who oppressed people, then HIV children.

at present in my home nearly 12 HIV children there age 6 years 11 years old, they are asking me to send a school in this year , in my place next school will be start on June 15th will be reopen our schools , for sending school, they need Dresses, books, for 12 children we need nearly U$200, for a month, with normal food for 12 children.

pray for these HIV children needs to mingle with other children, and also they need Bibles, and Sunday school materials, please kindly arrange, please share to your friends to lift up these HIV children souls to reach God. In Jesus Name.... Amen

Thank you very much

I remain in Jesus name

beckid wrote: Your gifts and christmas cards this year were even more special. Because it came straight from your heart.
strider wrote: This is great I think its wonderfull to gift special gifts because my favorite gifts are the ones with special notes and with meaning!

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