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Trolley in the rain

--by mint1955, posted Jan 18, 2007

In the UK, we have workers in the supermarket car park to collect and return the supermarket trollies to the trolley bays . They work in all types of  weather and are "invisible" except when people moan and complain etc. 

It was pouring with rain last week just after christmas when I went to the supermarket and I really wanted to make a difference. So I made a point of walking right up to one of the trolley boys and thanking him for the great job he does in all types of weather and especially that day as I guessed his family were still all tucked up at home having their christmas rest time while he was dripping wet and cold. 

His face was a picture, he wasn't sure if I was really being genuine so I took the time to talk to him. I think he was confused at first but I feel I touched his day and gave him something to think about.  

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Aiya wrote: awwwwwwwwww. yea, sometimes people need a bit of appreciation. and everyone remembers when they got it too, so kudos to you!
monkeyinpajamas wrote: I have often had the urge to do something similar , but I always have a voice asking me what other people will think, or whether the person I'm talking too will end up being rude to me.Thanks for your story.I think I will do that the next time to show my appreciation.
techmate wrote: Thank you -Apprecate this article very much.

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