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A note of thanks

--by guin, posted Jan 14, 2007

I know this old man who is considered crazy and cantankerous by almost everyone.He lives all alone (his adopted son died of cancer) in a remote place where he runs a flourishing accounting firm. He sends out a New Year Message to his colleague (my relation) every year in which he elaborates on his rather strong views which everyone laughs at.

This year my relation showed it to me and it seemed genuinely nice and he wrote about stuff like using your time to help others,etc. What really moved me was his email ID, which was his dead son's name.

Although I have never met him personally, I sent him a thank you note along with my friend. We even sent him links and files of rare texts that might interest him.

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Ginny wrote: That is so sweet. One of the nicet storys I have read on the this site.

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