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Emotion is stronger than the material

--by harraq, posted Jan 16, 2007

First of all , I should appologize for not sending any message in almost two weeks. Sorry and happy to be again with you - lovers of good.

Last week, I received a gift from a friend in Spain.  He sent me a mobile phone. I gave it to my wife as a gift ; she was very happy. The phone had to be decoded so I  sent it to shop to be repaired. That very night , the shop was robbed and all the mobiles were stolen.

When I told my wife, she was not upset at all.  She just said, "It was good of you to give me the mobile. You prefferred me over yourself. The mobile can be regained but the feeling you gave me is eternal."

The message I want to defuse based on this simple story is that things are not as strong as any small feeling or moral action.

Pay attention, my friends. Thank you.

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sonshine wrote: Blessings to both of you for sharing and encouraging one another!
Wayfarer wrote: Oh, so very true!Things will perish, but even little acts of love make the universe a better place.

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