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Patience is a virtue

--by wint8, posted Jan 15, 2007

Over the Christmas holidays my young boys were driving everyone in the house bonkers with their fighting, usually it's worst just before bedtime. Yesterday, at separate times of the day, I sat with each of my sons and told him "I love you".  A few hours later, I realised those words had been missing from my regular vocalbulary since the holidays started. I felt guilty.

With so much time to do things together, it's inevitable that friction happens.  It was kind of like coming up for air, when I said "I love you". My sons are more affectionate and calmer when they are around me now.  I know it won't last, but if I keep positive, patient and loving, then life will be a lot more peaceful.

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sewingsphynx wrote: Oh the memories of raising children! They are worth the effort. Sibling rivalry is indeed frustrating but it is communication. Communication in adult children often becomes like that of best friends. Hang in there!
speedi wrote: Yes if we do not tell our children we love them then WHO WILL?
wonderlink wrote: "Like coming up for air."
Thank you for reminding us what it is like. That is exactly what it's like.
renee wrote: sometimes we forget just who is important to us,we should give our love freely and above all tell our loved ones how special they are to us.
Strider wrote: Yes I agree with this! Tell them the rules but always let them know that they are loved I think this is the best formula, hugs!
Al wrote: Have a wonderful, peaceful, happy 2007 with your family. excellent positive story.

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