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Thanks For The Footprint

--by aliceamelia, posted Apr 19, 2014
I went to University in Canada (from UK) for one term and made a really good friend who was from Burkina Faso.

I would otherwise not really have had the chance to meet someone like her. We stayed in touch for a while but as we haven't met since, our contact has fizzled.

So I emailed her today to tell her how glad I was that we met, and to thank her for the footprint she left on my heart.

Thank you, KindSpring for giving me ideas such as these, it's already spreading beautiful moments within, and to others.
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MaryLynne wrote: I love your email to your acquaintance thanking her for her footprint on your heart. Such a lovely thing to do and receive.

I read recently (somewhere? . Maybe here? ) that listening to others (without judgment) is a most wonder gift to give everybody and aligned to that is something i read (elsewhere? ) that sharing a compliment with others that you may wish had been told to you all your life long is a source of great joy to both of you and always comes across as heartfelt.

In my case, for instance, i always felt that i was lacking in good(translate:smart) ideas that contributed something helpful to others either individually or in a group setting. So now i am careful to look for that quality in others and tell them how helpful their idea(s) was to me (when true). I have noticed that i get such comments back more frequently than i ever noticed before.

But, of course, you already know this! :>)


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