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Day 2: Tipping At Starbucks

--by LizRB, posted Apr 24, 2014
Well, after trying (and failing) yesterday to pay for the person behind me at the drive-through, I decided to take a different approach today. I did something that absolutely could not be rejected, and probably won't even be noticed for another few hours.

About once a week, I go and get a coffee at Starbucks (otherwise, I brew my own to save money). I usually pay with a credit card, or my Starbucks card, which means that I, like many others, don't get any change or cash back. As a result, I don't often put money in the tip jar -- and when I do, it's usually a dollar that I've pulled out of my wallet for that purpose.

Actually, I need to back up for a bit of history: my family was recently at a vacation house with my parents. My kids, husband, and I did a grocery shopping and prepared most of the meals. Partway through the vacation, my dad paid me back--in cash--for the groceries. It was not money I expected to get, or to which I felt entitled, but I took it because I have learned that turning down my father's gifts feels to him like I am rejecting his love.

So today, I happened to have a $50 bill in my wallet. Before placing my order for my $2 coffee, I folded up the bill so that the number didn't show, and as the cashier was getting my coffee, I put the $50 in the tip jar.

I get a little giggle inside of me when I imagine them going through the tips at the end of the day. I wish I had the financial ability to do stuff like this more often!
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josietn wrote: Wow!!
IdaAreIda wrote: Wow, not many people are able to tip so generously or at least not that often. That was awesome :)
sandra wrote: What a cleaver idea
brindlegirl wrote: You and what you did is what keeps those that work in those places going. To know someone appreciates them that much. Beautiful. So kind and a perfect way to utilise the money gifted to you by your father xox
Brittany wrote: My mom has been working at a starbucks in sc for almost a year now and in that time i have heard countless stories about how rude some customers have treated her and how compassionate and inspiring others have been. I'm not sure if you're aware but starbucks has a tip-share policy: employees must divide tips based on how many hours they have worked, no matter if they are rude or kind to a customer, and trust me, there are some employees there that are far from friendly. My mom works 39. 75 hours, the maximum amount for part time, and brings home about $20-25 in tips every two weeks. So thank you on behalf of my mom and other baristas. You have no idea how much that means, especially considering many starbucks employees are college students working multiple jobs to pay off student loans.
singlestep wrote: What a generous gesture Liz! Put a big smile on my face :)

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