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It takes a second to make someone's day

--by mint1955, posted Jan 26, 2007

Everyday I have to pass through a security barrier and the guard stands in the road by the barrier in all types of weather. He waves everyone through, deals with inquiries - all in a days work.

I realised that he doesnt actually "talk" to anyone.  So I slowed my car and rolled down the window had a lovely chat with a special thank you to him and went on my way.   The beaming smile I got made my day.  Each succesive day this last week I have done the same when I have seen a new guard and each and every day the reaction is priceless.  A little thing which took little time and no cost but each day I felt I had made a difference.


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AURELIA wrote: Mint1955, Letting others know they are appreciated is a wonderful thing. I work in a school and have over 800 kids I am contact with. It's funny but only 1 family gave me a jesture of thanks during the year(and this was 2 years ago)...a beautiful Potted Tulip Plant. It made my day and now I smile each year the tulips pop up in the Spring (I put them in my garden) They remind me of their kindness. SMILE :) ~Aurelia
ieiblue wrote: yup.. in a way it made a difference in your life as well...:P
monkeyinpajamas wrote: What a nice thing to do.And also a great way to express our gratitude and respect for the value of every kind of work.

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