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Best Looking Yard in Town

--by lazyonsundays, posted Jan 26, 2007

My husband and I own a lawn care company and so many times we would pass this house that was very unkept as far as the lawn was concerned.

Last week, we decided to stop in and see if we could help.  Nobody would come to the door for the longest time.  Finally, a little old lady came to the door, very reluctant to open the door.  We explained to her that we did not want to harm her in anyway.  After a few minutes of talking we asked her if we could cut her grass for her?  She was quick to answer, "I cannot pay for my grass to be cut, my sister is living with me dying of cancer and it takes everything we make combined to pay for her medicines etc." 

We had indicated to her that we would just like to do this for her and her sister, no strings attached.  We finally convinced her that we just wanted to help. 

We proceeded to manicure her yard, we trimmed all her bushes and edged her driveway and sidewalk and how nice it looked when we were done.  At that time, my husband and I agreed that we could do this for them on a regular basis.

We said our goodbyes and told her we would see her in a couple of weeks.  She exchanged her phone number with us.  I asked her if I could refer her to some organizations in the community that could help care for her sister with homecare, meals on wheels, prescription help etc.  I assured her that these would be people that would respect their privacy and only provide assistance on their request.

I called the senior services center in our county and passed on the information.  I contacted them a couple of days later for a follow up and it turns out that the story was factual and they were in serious need of many services including proper nourishment.  They did not have many groceries in their house at all.  These were very private people and did not want to burden anyone with their problems.  The lady at the Senior Services Center indicated to me that these two ladies have expressed so much gratefullness to them for coming to their aid. 

My husband and I will continue to do their yard for as long as they need it.  I am so glad something was tugging at me to stop there.  I look forward to seeing that little old lady every couple of weeks.  What a sweetheart she is!



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pelican wrote: Thank you for the uplifting story. Thank you for being so kind! :) :)
Thaata wrote: Your kind heart went out for their unkempt garden but ended with them receiving lot of love and care. Thanks for your good work. We all should be vigilant about our surroundings for such needy helping hands.
atul wrote: Thank you for this story-
Passion4Life wrote: That is a very touching story. It is awesome how GOD guides us to help long as we are listening. It was obvious that you were listening and that they need much more than your intentions. May GOD Bless you and your family.
Rosanne Waters wrote: you make me wish I had stonger legs, to help you, help those!!!
Lorrie wrote: Thanks for reminding us to answer the prompting to do something good for someone else just because!
suchitra wrote: Both of you make a lovely combination.Keep up the good work and God bless you, so that you can bless more people with your love.
terry wrote: I did the same thing in my basic grocery store I made someone smile I gave my oldest daughter a smile card to 1 of our baggers she was really angry and upset something was bugging her ,so I told my oldest daughter give her a smile card and she gave it to our bagger reluctantley doing it , but then My daughter saw the smile on the lady's face and that was the best gift she gotten that day. It was like the rest of her day just got better with a simple card that said smile u just been tagged. she laughed and my 7 yr old laughed too knowing that there was two lessons learned always share when u can, and someone else's day brightens yours out of the blue, when u share.
SpecialK wrote: Wonderful story. Brings hope and courage. I heard of a group in Australia, Newcastle city (young students) who used to go around the neigbourhood and do what they called: RAS - Random Acts of Service. Theyd jump in a car, see a house needing help and offer to help (probably had people skeptical too at first) and it was wonderful. The initiator was a bahai yet lots of students came from different backgrounds and more wanted to get involved.
MJ wrote: I too am a caregiver, and now my dad is dying. I have had many angels along the way,but caregiving is a very lonley thing when you have no family near. Now that dad is dying relatives are calling daily and soon some will be here to visit. If more people like this couple would care it would be a wonderful thing. Thank you for doing what you did for the old ladies. I know they appreciated you both greatly. There are so many forgotten out there, let us not forget them!

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