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What Time Cannot Erase

--by ElleDee, posted May 9, 2014
Today, I reached out to three amazing women I am blessed to know in my life. I let them each know how even though life moves us away from each other some times, we still always live on in each others' hearts.

I told them about all the things I love about them, what their special gifts are, how they touched my life, and that I'll always treasure them, near or far.

Beautiful words are just such a gift... expressing gratitude, love, connection - what could be better! I hope they each in turn do the same with friendships of their own that may need rekindling.  I'm so grateful and blessed they crossed my path in life.
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Theresa Corman wrote: Loving friendships transcend time and space. When we need each other we are there either in body or in spirit.
Bilkis yusuf wrote: Wonderful to see that a smile can light up someone's life,we all should lern from this
Bilkis.yusuf wrote: Wonderful way to light up someone,s day, we should all try this
sara wrote: A simple smile can sparkle thousand lives.

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