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21 Day Challenge: A Different Dinner Date

--by Jellere, posted May 11, 2014
There is a crew of street children I'm friends with, and they hang out [read: routinely beg] right outside the McDonald's across my school. I pass them all the time, but I've never given them food or money, just company. Today, on a whim, I withdrew more money than usual with my scholar's cash card [I just got transportation allowance from the school this September]. Incidentally, the crew was complete when I passed by McDonald's. I wasn't even thinking of Day 1's Challenge, but there you go. God works in mysterious ways! 

The kids were indeed surprised and delighted to know that I was actually treating them to a legitimate meal this time. They enjoyed being able to step inside the restaurant [when the security guard would come close, I made it clear that they were with me] and order for themselves. I bought each of them 1-piece Chicken Mcdo, a regular Sprite, extra rice and fries for all. We ended up eating outside on the floor, still, but it was worth it. They shared more of their dreams and lives than they ever had [all those times I dropped by for a quick conversation with them] before during the meal, and they really were good kids. Smart too.

Erap, Daniel, RJ, and Gideon, had a great time with you guys. Thank you!

PS: People were smiling at them! Usually, people ignored them because of their routine begging. This time, a couple of women even offered them more drinks. The kids told me they haven't eaten this well in such a long time. One kid even put some rice in the gravy container and declared that he would be bringing it to school for lunch the next day!
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autumnerp wrote: This is so incredible. It would be awesome to organize some kind of way to make sure these kids are fed regularly. At the very least, maybe others will not be so hesitant to approach them and find it in their hearts to feed or help them as well. I'm sure that was an awesome feeling and a fun experience :) inspired!

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