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Pay-It-Forward Birthday Wishes

--by sonrisa, posted Feb 1, 2007

It was a good friend's birthday the other week and I wasn't going to be able to wish him in person.  I decided to pay-it-forward in honour of his birthday and started searching through the internet for ideas.  I came across a wonderful concept on the Give Foundation's site, whereby you can gift a donation for a particular item/cause in honor of a friend -- just what I was looking for.

They had lots of wonderful causes to support and I decided to support two causes with the theme of empowerment in mind.  Through one NGO, you could support the purchasing of books to create a rural library and the other  NGO purchased a wheelchair for someone in need.

It is such a wonderful feeling to pay-it-forward to honour people's birthdays -- I think I'm going to continue this for other friends too!

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brighteyes wrote: I love you "pay it forward" birthday my family we use the concept at Christmas....just gifting the children but explaining our donation gifting to them so they can learn to be generous too....for birthday, I have been requesting no presents but lunch with friends as spending time with them is more precious but your idea is great and may use it this year!
earthling wrote: That is so neat! We've received a few presents like these and the fulfilment from these last a very long time.
Wayfarer wrote: Great idea, Sonrisa!

Each Christmas I ask friends and family to do the same for me, but most of them still feel the need to get me a traditional gift instead. Which just goes to show that breaking with conventions isn't easy. You did a good and brave thing.


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