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Mom's Dinners in Sierra Leone

--by Zelene, posted Feb 3, 2007
When I was growing up in Sierra Leone, Sunday dinners were special. My mom would spend hours making delicious food for dinner and the mouth-watering aroma would fill the house.

In between games, my siblings and I would anxiously check the kitchen to see if dinner was ready. When dinner was done, my mom filled several baskets of food for various families in the neighborhood.

Of course, we wanted to eat first and then deliver the baskets. But my mom would gently insist that we first deliver the food and when we got back, we could all sit down and eat dinner. She pointed out that if we waited to deliver the food after we had dinner, the food we delivered would be cold.

In a simple way, she taught us that giving is not just for when it’s convenient.
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smiley88 wrote: That's very nice! It's great to teach children kindness and generosity so they may display it as adults and in turn, pass it on to their children.
Renee wrote: That's a very sweet story. Your Mom sounds like a generous and thoughtful lady.
Ginny wrote: What a wondful mom to raise up up like this. I love that idea so much that I now I would like try to it.
wink wrote: What a WONDERFUL was to raise a family and especially putting others ahead of yourself!
speedi wrote: thanks for sharing your wonderful story
nisha wrote: Your Mom's act of giving first is heartening. Reminded of the times when my Mom would coerce our servant maid to sit down and eat steaming hot lunch ahead of us - just because my Mom could see she was tired.

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