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Car Trouble at Staples

--by keleth, posted Feb 3, 2007

After classes yesterday, a friend and I drove to a local Staples store to pick up some school supplies. Getting whatever we needed, we headed outside and my friend unlocked his car by remote. I went over to drop off our bags when I noticed he was looking at a lady standing in front of her car, fiddling with her hood. It was getting dark, and after a record warm winter in New Jersey, the weather was getting bitter cold.

We went over to ask if she needed help. Lo and behold, she had just replaced the antifreeze in her car, and somehow jammed her car's hood, making it unable to close. Not mechanics in any way, my friend and I offered to help her out.

As we tried to figure out where it was jammed, tried to fit our hands under the hood to find the latch, using cell phones as makeshift flashlights, we finally found the latch had gotten stuck. Fifteen minutes later, we had managed to pop open her latch and made a makeshift fix to the latch (only pushed out of place). As I was looking for something to wipe my hands with, my friend remembered Smiles Cards and pulled out his wallet. The lady asked jokingly if we were mechanics looking for our business cards. Another minute of digging through our wallets, we managed to find one, and tagged another person on an endless pursuit for kindness.

Of course, it happened to be the lady who we had just lended out time to was the manager for the staples we had just made a purchase from, and mentioned if we needed anything, she'd see what she could do (which we turned down of course).

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AURELIA wrote: Keleth, That was great of you. You made a new friend at Staples...which may come in handy some day. Smile, it's contaigous. ~Aurelia
triiigun wrote: Outstanding job, but i would have asked for a computer or something not being selfish.
triiigun wrote: Outstanding job, but i would have asked for a computer or something not being selfish.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: It always pays to be kind, good job!
ieiblue wrote: good job!!! :P
monkeyinpajamas wrote: Great work!
Being kind,creative and friendly all in one!

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