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Rush hour smiles

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Feb 4, 2007

I have about an hour commute to my job. It is usually a stressful experience for most drivers since the traffic is thick and moves very slow. People don't practice too much kindness, cutting each other off and not letting people into their lane. As I creeped onto the freeway today, I decided to smile and wave at everyone as I went by. Whenever someone was trying to get into my lane, I gladly let them in and waved.

Their reactions were priceless and made my drive very entertaining. I'm sure many of them were wondering if I was on my way to the therapist. Hopefully it made their drive a little less stressful. I know it did for me!

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LucyStar wrote: I wish there were more drivers like you! Traffic can be such a stressful experience. Unfortunately i don't have a license so i can only encourage from the passenger's seat.
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Makesomeonesmile

Just popped in to say it's nice to see your name your name on board.Thanks for comments to my stories.

You are right about waving at people when driving, I sometimes do it, they stare at me and think do I know them,then smile, thinking its better pacify then.At least its gets a smile.

Go smiling Bro.

lovebug wrote: My home is located at the end of a very steep curve in the road, I don't think I will ever understand how drivers manage to gain so much speed. The beginning of this curve is a 4 way stop. Assuming drivers do obey the law and stop, they seem to hit my driveway going 80 miles a hour, I havn't taken a tape measure to find out just how many feet of road is involved, but my mind says it is only one block, but then I don't know what a average block is supposed to measure . I have been greatful, some drivers stop and wave at let me turn into my own drive way, I am greatful to these drivers, because the driver behind me do not have to be irritated because I am cautious and waiting to see if I can feel the other driver on the other side of the curve.
pacots wrote: Good Job, I bet you shocked a lot of people.
butterfly wrote: it is a lovely feeling to smile and wave with love in your heart at the driver who cuts you up xxx
wink wrote: Very good. My daughter has an over hour commute and was so annoyed last nite because she was stuck in traffic for 3 hrs. I'll pass this message on to her. I will remember this when I am traveling as it is SO easy to get annoyed.
ieiblue wrote: hopefully it brushes on to them so that we'll have a nicer trip though traffic!!! ...:P

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