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Olympic Supporter

--by Nameless, posted Oct 1, 2014
I work for a clothing company that makes expensive outdoor gear. I bought some items at an 'employee sale' for a friend and his sons today. I did this knowing the family is supporting the sons' dreams of racing in the Olympics. I'll send them out tomorrow.
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jimbob wrote: You must be a good friend for doing something kind like this
michelelpurcel wrote: That is wonderful when we help each other with our dreams. Sometimes that is what it takes. :)
wavingatyou wrote: Great stuff! He's sure to go far :)
yaakovadrake wrote: That's wonderful! Hopefully that will encourage him to go for his dream.
sandyremillard wrote: Bless you for it! Sending beautiful angels to help him in this project! Namaste
Givemore wrote: Supporting someone else's dream is a great gift!
beth3 wrote: Beautiful gesture to support a family on their journey together
louisag11 wrote: They will be so grateful. Thank you for your supportive encouragement.

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