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Being thankful for the simple things

--by Dreamer, posted Feb 8, 2007

I have a very simple story this time. I just decided to take a break from my hectic life and be present/fully engaged with my infant son and husband.  Usually, I am multi-tasking work/mommyhood/wife/household stuff.  And I lost site of my priorities, my family. 

Today, I really stopped and absorbed myself as my 9 month old tried sitting in a crawling position or cried about something or just wanted to sleep (without mommy running off for a work engagement or thinking about that next thing that had to be done).  And I made amends with my husband for being crabby and losing my temper. And just tried to be grateful for a change. Sometimes I find I forget to be kind to my own family.  Isn't this ironic, on a site devoted to kindness to others.

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omniscient wrote: Family comes first! Absolutely! Cherish yours! :-)

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