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Feeding Others - Body And Spirit

--by debbe530, posted Sep 27, 2014
I normally don't shop at Whole Foods. But I went tonight, to get some homeopathic pain cream and grab something from the salad bar for dinner. Out front was a very petite, sunburned young woman. It has been unseasonably hot here this week. Her sign said she had a 6 year old son. Her belongings were packed in an old baby stroller.

I asked if I could buy her dinner. She replied she would appreciate milk, apple juice, sliced cheese, ham - even just one of them. She had a smashed loaf of bread, and looked exhausted.

So I got it all and gave her one of my insulated bags to keep it cool until she found shelter for the night. I had considered going out for dinner. Instead, this did not cost much more and fed two additional people.

Now I am going to write a nice message on a high school classmate's FB page. I have not seen her in nearly 45 years but she has been very supportive online, during my medical struggles this year, and for that I am most grateful.
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asobra wrote: That was really sweet - may i have the opportunity to emulate your act soon!
cynthiacruzc wrote: You have a good and a generous heart. Blessings for you and count on my prayer.
2GetR@3Kin wrote: Debbe, your generosity, compassion, and pure kindness are inspiring and delightful. Thank you so much!

To you i send healing energy from the creator [not me. ] in my tradition, you get three times what you give. May it be so.
2GetRWeKin wrote: Your story is so inspiring and touching! Your compassion for the suffering you saw is profound. In honor of your act, i am sending healing energy to you from the creator, [not me personally]. Blessings!
wavingatyou wrote: Makes me want to bring them home :( at least they'll have food in their bellies. Thank you, kind one :)
awom7604 wrote: Very touching story. I hope she found shelter for that night and pray she will soon find a permanent roof over her head.
will wrote: Good for you!
Mish wrote: (((((debbe))))))
mel37865 wrote: That was very nice!
sandyremillard wrote: Debbe, that was so kind of you! I am sending my winged angels to help her out and for you to receive the healing you are meant to! Namaste.

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