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A Note in my Lunch Box

--by daniela23.4, posted May 25, 2014
At the beginning of this week I was touched to tears, when I opened my lunch box at work. Somehow I was feeling not so good that day, it was hard for me to get up in the morning, and so on.

When I opened my lunch box at work, I saw a little piece of paper. The piece of paper was a note from my mom saying that she loves me and wished me a blessed day!

My heart was so touched, I am so thankful that God gave me a mother that notices when I am a little down. The next day I had another note! My mom made a difference in my day and I will never forget this special touch of kindness!
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iman wrote: Nice dear friend>>>
rishika wrote: I love it wow awesome story

brindlegirl wrote: My mother did this for me and i remember being a teenager in highschool and loving it. My friends all found it strange as i was. A teenager.

I am now a mum myself and have followed this tradition with my own young boys. Only one can read (he is 7) and the moment he could the notes started. My 5 year old is learning to read and i can't wait until he can. In the meantime i write "i" and a love heart and his name.

Thank you for this share as it brought back such wonderful memories of my own mother and inspires me to continue my notes xox
Alicia Neo wrote: I am sooooooooooo touched from this story
Mia_Monster wrote: Aww. How sweet your mother is a very nice woman
Theresa Corman wrote: Our mother's watch over us each and every day from the time we are babies until they leave this earth. To them we will always be their babies and when we hurt they hurt too. Thank you for sharing your story about your beautiful loving mom.
sara wrote: A mother is always with you wishing the best.
dhamodharan wrote: This story made me amaze

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