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Please Take A Seat

--by guin, posted Feb 9, 2007

I usually travel back home in a very crowded bus with several people hanging out on the footboard(steps) and others standing and crushing each other.

Today when I was travelling, comfortably seated near a window, I saw this really old lady accompanied by her son. Seeing that no one was willing to make way for her, I signalled to her son and asked her to take my seat.

Surprise from my fellow passengers and stares all around turned into warmth as strangers began to smile at me.

I didn't mind standing for the remaining one hour of my journey since the old lady looked very pleased.

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afriendlysmile wrote: Putting others first seems to run in your family.
You are a sunbeam.
afriendlysmile :)
smiley88 wrote: It's great that you were willing to make a sacrifice for someone in need! Keep it up!

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