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Not so Random Act of of Kindness

--by BB, posted Apr 25, 2006
I have started sending gift certificates and other small things to people that I read about in the paper who are making a difference in our community. I send one out a month, all I can afford.

Just today I sent off a Borders gift card to a principle at a local school who is making a difference to the kids there.

Completely anonymous of course!

And with strict instructions that the gift card is for them and should not be funnelled back into their organization. I include a personal note that tells them how much they are appreciated in what they do. I love the stealth thing. Even my husband doesn't know!
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calumet wrote: What a lovely idea to make someone realise that their own kindness is so much appreciated. May you be blessed with enough resources to carry on doing what you are doing for a long long time to come.
jsmc10 wrote: Such an amazing idea :)
Melissa wrote: I like this idea! I once took a fancy dessert to a home & school meeting to surprise the voluteers/ they didn't even understand the idea of someone doing something kind for no reason they almost seemed troubled by someone doing for them instead of the other way around!With your idea I belive they would be more comfortable.
Brendan wrote: Ahh....I just love this idea! How creative you are! I get a lot of those things randomly, I think I will start doing the same thing.

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