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A Tall, New Fridge

--by integrity, posted Feb 17, 2007

My mother in-law who always puts others ahead of herself had a pretty broken down fridge.  My sister purchased a new one and was trying to get rid of her old one.  I transported the fridge across the Bay Area to deliver it to my mother-in-law.  When we arrived we realized that it was 3 inches to tall.  So I learned a bit about cabinet making in the process.

My mother-in-law is very happy about her "new huge" fridge and I am very tired from the ordeal but very satisfied.  It's funny how second nature it is to go out of my way to help a perfect stranger but I sometimes "have to make time" to help my own family.  I'm glad I did.

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katlampi wrote: Family is very important, and yes, you are right, we certainly do have to make a conscious effort to make time. Your story is an excellent reminder of this. Thank you for sharing it with me.
austinfriends2 wrote: Very true, that we help others so easily. I will remember to look within my own family also. Thank you for this important reminder.
rocky78 wrote: Yes... i too believe it starts from the family and at times we forget that! ur reminder IS important.
ieiblue wrote: thank you for reminding.... :P

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