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Living Like Paupers but Feeling Like Princesses

--by lafantasma, posted Feb 19, 2007

The other day, I was standing in line to buy my groceries, looking at a magazine.  The woman behind me, with two small girls with her, struck up a conversation with me about the movie star on the cover. 

She mentioned she was living in some weekly suites near the store, and was having a problem with the father  of the girls paying his child support.  I noticed the older little girl (about 4) was very excited about getting a cartoon plate set (the set that comes with a cup, plate, and matching silverware with the character on it), and there was another one in the cart for the smaller child.  I asked if I could purchase these for the girls, and she agreed.  Honestly, I didn't agree with some of the things about this woman's life, but I don't feel that children should bear their parents' burdens, and I wanted to do a little something to make their life more enjoyable.

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myturn wrote: Those children will have that as a good memory and it sounds like they may need some of those. you did a good thing. You may be able to help her more since you know somewhat where she stays. Even if just to babysit and try to give even more good memories.
sewingsphynx wrote: That's a great thing you did! Thank you.

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