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Give One, Get Two Skates Free

--by J. Madden, posted Feb 21, 2007

In December, I went to the Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Philips Square. As I was sitting at the side of the rink taking off my skates, a little boy about 6 or 7 walks up and asks "Are those your skates?"

I answered ‘Yes’ and wondered if he thought I had stolen his skates, since I wear boys hockey skates. He said: "Oh, I don't have skates." For some reason, I blurted, "Do you want mine?"

I told him to first ask his mom. He ran away excited and his mom asked if it was really okay [and I said yes.] He was jumping up and down in excitement. After he put on the skates, I watched him take off with a big smile.

Two weeks later I was in the recycling room in our condo. Residents leave items for others to salvage. I found two Bauer boxes with new skates, both in my size!

I gave one pair to a friend who was there the evening I gave the boy my used skates. She shook her head and said: “You give away one pair, and you get back two”!

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Rajni wrote: What we give that we receive, the gift coming to us can be in any form depending on our deep desires and beliefs. You did a wonderful job of giving up your skates.
thaata wrote: Your spontaneous act of giving away the skates to the needy boy not only made him happy but would have made a indelible impression on his young mind. Thank you for sowing a seed of goodness.
Hope4lisa wrote: Give and it shall be good measure, pressed down and running over.....

Thank you for reminding me!
myturn wrote: how amazing is Karma. Your story makes me believe even more
lbrasz wrote: I was moved by this storey as it happened to me , a perpon just gave me a pair of scates when my parents could not afford a pair for us kids , I pray that person also received a gift back to her doulble also, great act of chairity, God bless you.
speedi wrote: how sweet of you to make a young boy smile...thank you for sharing!
ANT JONES wrote: well that was really kind. and it was on my birthday "!st FEB 2007 it just shows that there is kindness in everyone somewhere no matter how hard people people may find to show it. i mean people like that should be given a chance and convincing because i think everyone is a indivdual and unique and i volunteer with ypong people and the diversity is amazing. and i am a yound person and they should be looked after and respected fully.
Nicole wrote: That's it! What you give out will come back to you maybe not in stuff but definitely in good feelings! Well done.
guin wrote: what an amazing story!
Made me conjure up an image of a wistful child having his little dreams fulfilled.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Great story! It absolutely pays to be generous!

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