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Help From A Lawyer

--by John Sinclair, posted Feb 23, 2007

I grew up making many bad choices. At the age of 16, I was facing jail for some criminal charges, and had already been kicked out of school.

I was a runaway, on my own, but my criminal lawyer was a young lady, fresh out of school. She convinced the prosecutor and judge to give me a second chance. After that, she helped me look for a job, and get a room in a boarding house.

She stayed in touch with me for months, making sure I was on the right track. I am now 33 and working full time as a mechanic, after finishing high school and completing my mechanics certification in college. I am raising a family, and have two beautiful children.

I cannot say enough about the lawyer who helped me. Her kindness helped me turn my life around. I will not provide her name, but I read in the newspaper that she was recently appointed as a judge.

How fitting for a person who dedicated her life to helping the underdog. If you're reading this, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

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lbrasz wrote: thanks for people like that in all our lives, they are the unsung heroes in life. great,
myturn wrote: Amazing how an act of kindness towards one person can help so many more. Your family has been blessed with the person you are now which your lawyer helped "create". Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

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