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A Tribute to My Mother

--by brindlegirl, posted May 10, 2014
I've been thinking today (with it being mothers day) that it should be a sad day for me. But it isn't. Not at all. Today I haven't felt sad that my mother is no longer with me, instead I've felt so incredibly grateful and blessed that she once was.

With you or not with you, here or somewhere else, your mother is always your mother and everything she has ever given you will always be carried in your heart. She never leaves you. Her impact on your life is imprinted into your very being and you carry it with you and little bits of her wherever you go.

It reminds me of a quote by Joel Osteen I love ... "The best legacy is not what we leave FOR people but what we leave IN people" And my mother, she left a lot in me.
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marilyn koster wrote: Oh, so beautiful! And reminds us to be grateful for the time we had with our mothers and not angry about the time we lost.
KnitNana4 wrote: Beautiful! And very true! We all have only one mother!
Camille wrote: Thank you for that. My mother is declining rapidly now and i know that someday soon she will move on. I try to prepare myself in different ways. Words like these help.
Raymond Sia wrote: Happy mother's day, although she is not with me now , but will always be remembered how she brought me up. Thanks for her loving care.
amrit all kapur wrote: Beautiful thought.
My mother has never departed. She has always stayed in me. I paid the following tribute to her. " mother, an epitome of sainthood & selfless love, is a great teacher, absorber of all worries, dispenser of all smiles, source of all inspiration,& protective shield around you for all time to come. " alk
Brad wrote: Beautiful reminder that we can always carry our mothers and love in our hearts. Like ee cummings poem, i carry your heart. :) happy mother's day!
Sharon wrote: Happy mother's day to all the moms today and everyday honestly. I had a bittersweet day having some relationship difficulty with my mom. Yesterday was her birthday and today mother's day and selfishness built a wedge between. My biggest prayer is for healing and forgiveness while we are both on this earth. I am grateful she is still here but we are definitely a work in progress of a strained relationship over the years. I feel i've struggled for her approval and still never seem to fully receive it genuinely, there's always a price i pay and it hurts.
Suketu wrote: Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Tanja wrote: Thank you. My mum is still very much here, but i missed her a lot yesterday as we live in different countries. It's true though, my mum is with me right here in london. Thank you.

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