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100 Qualities I Love About You

--by Aiya, posted Mar 4, 2007

I have a friend whom I talk to a lot and love to share things with. Since she is a bit smaller than me, I'm usually giving her the clothes I outgrow. She doesn't have much money so she really appreciates them. Anyway, she had a horrible past, her parents were abusive to her both mentally and physically. As a result, she has very low self esteem and is very fragile. 

A couple of nights ago, her fiance and his friend came up to bring her an early valentine's day present, and then without warning, his friend calls her ugly! The poor thing was heart broken, and her whole past came rushing into her head, making her sob for hours. I felt sooo bad. I didn't do well trying to cheer her up over the phone... but what can you do?

So I thought of something. Everyone loves hearing that they have good qualities in them, especially when they don't think they have any. I decided to write 100 qualities I love about her. To show her that she is loved and beautiful.

 I finished it today and decorated it with colored pencils and crayons. I'm going to give it to her tomorrow morning. I hope she likes it. :)

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Brigitte wrote: Hi. You just inspired me to do the same for my parents, and for an important man in my life. Thank you. I loved your story. Your friend is very blessed to have someone like you in her life. B . :)
princess wrote: I really love this. Thanks for sharing.
mdadlaza wrote: would be glad to read them myself.
mdadlaza wrote: A single positive comment can do wonders to a heart in bits and pieces, talk about a hundred well meant ones meant for ONLY you, its was really much more than kind of you.
vijai wrote: I love your approach, why dont you share the 100 qualities with us.
chai wrote: very sweet!
Flowers wrote: What a lovely simple act to do to make her feel very special. Good on you.
chammi wrote: It was so kind of you. By the way how such person was selected as friend and fiance. You need to help her in identifying good friends too.
Hayley wrote: Wow! Your act has inspired me, I have a friend who has been down for a while and had no idea of what to do to make her feel better, but now you've me an idea. I hope your friend feels better. Thanks for the inspiration.

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