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The Parking Warden's Tale

--by mikewhite, posted Jun 15, 2014
I wondered how I was going to thank a public servant today, and then it happened. Walking in front of me was a parking meter warden. A sadly, mostly deeply unloved occupation in the UK.

I seized my opportunity and politely asked him if anybody ever thanked him for his work. He looked puzzled at my question and I needed to repeat it. Even then, he had difficulty answering.

So I shook his hand and thanked him for keeping disabled bays free, the traffic moving and doing an important job. He smiled and thanked me.

As I walked away, I saw him talking to another guy. It looked an amiable conversation, and I found myself wondering how the rest of his day would be.
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Danny wrote: Love it and i wonder how many people reading this post will have a new perspective and angle on how to treat our fellow human! Beautiful story.
kaya63 wrote: I know he was smiling for the rest of the day! Thank you for sharing this.

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