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Giving Grapes For Bottled Water

--by guin, posted Mar 2, 2007
Where I live, it is highly unsafe to drink water from taps; so most  people buy packaged water when they run out of their own.

The other day I did a really tiny kind act: this lady who seemed kind of poor (she wasn't wearing shoes) sat next to me on the bus home.  She mumbled something to herself in a cross way about not having water, how the bus fare has been increased, and about how she needs to buy water now.

Generally passengers never interact with each other, but I thought I could make an exception.  I reached into my bag and gave her a packet of mineral water I had bought.

After receiving this unexpected gift, she looked quite happy.  We chatted for a while and before I left, she gave me some grapes that she was carrying with her.  She wouldn't let me leave the bus until I took the grapes! 

It reminded me that sometimes those who have less are so much more generous than those who have a lot. :)
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Ginny wrote: WOW you never what could happen in day. I am 19 still learning new things about people/
nadim wrote: Dear Guin,
I read ur excellent story. it bears a great moral lesson to learn.People have some need which they are not afford to meet up due to poverty.The lady in the story were in need of water but she was failure to buy becoz the amount which she has to spend for water was fixed but due to increase of bus fare she fell in shortage of money for water and this the condition of our daily life.It teaches us that the price of commodity is not reasonable and it is the great weakness and suffering of the people living from hand to mouth

Anthony Gomez wrote: Great!! That's just a fraction of your story. The emotions that accompanied that scenario didn't just stop between you and that woman. now that you've told me, someone else will have to hear or read this story. Oh, how i wish the world was filled with only those who're willing to give/share the little they have. Then you and i will not be called our names but brother and sister.
aurelia wrote: Dear Guin, I don't know where you are from, but you are truly GOOD! Your heart is in the right place and you know how to see a need and think quickly to help out your fellow human being. Your Parents must be proud to call you "son".
Continue to follow the light that lights up your heart. Aurelia
MJ wrote: Terrific story! I found in life to always except what someone wants to give you, even when you do them a favor. I was taught not to except any payment when helping someone out. But I have been in many ways when
I needed help and had no money and gave something in return to them and when it was refused it hurt me terribly. Except in kindness as you give in kindness!
Lovebug wrote: We live in ignorance because that is what we have been taught, in ignorance, every generation has something to add, but we are not able to understand. I took the time to lookup the word charity, according to the dictionary it means LOVE ,I was never taught that, I had to look it up in a dictionary. Who knows what new words will be added in the next generation. I myself will remain ignorant, but I pray for my Great, Great, grandchildren, maybe by their generation they will not only know the difinition of the word, maybe they will beable to live it.
Dhruvita wrote: Ya thats true, but it is strange too, as those who have are expected to give MORE, but the reality is quite opposite.....
Hope4lisa wrote: Yes, it reminds me that it is easy for people to give when they have much. Its when we give out of own lacking that is hard, and also when we really receive. And violetangel was IS as important to accept as it is to give, and WAY harder sometimes, at least in my experience.
Thank you so much for sharing.
sewingsphynx wrote: So true! My sister used to live in NYC at a hospice for street people. When visiting there one of the ladies gave us $5 to go have breakfast together. She knew our visits were far and few between. I was encouraged to accept the gesture. It made us all feel good.
sheetal wrote: Dear guin,
your story tempts me to share a beautiful quote from Khalil gibrans The Prophet:

"there are those who give little of the much which they have,
and there are those who have little and give it all,
these are the believers in life and the bounty of life and their coffer is never empty"

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