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Thank You Drivers

--by NiceNora, posted Jun 21, 2014
My vehicle is incapacitated, so I usually walk and ride the bus to get around. I usually make a point of saying thank you and wishing the bus driver a good day. Today, she did me a kindness. She stopped a block early and let me and another lady off, so that we could connect with another bus more easily.

People here drive rather rashly and it is tough for pedestrians cross the street easily, without nearly getting run over. Today, a woman stopped when she could of easily turned the corner before I crossed. I made a point of waving to her and saying thanks to her for waiting and letting me cross the street without the fear of getting hit.
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Bob wrote: Do unto others! It 's all good.
jomartin87112 wrote: I think you may have started a new trend! good for you!

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