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Buzzing Around

--by sewingsphynx, posted Mar 8, 2007

My nephew  dreaded the very idea of entering the hospital and was required to have surgery. My brother likened his son's trauma to being dragged across the parking lot.

I was building costumes for a children's theater at the time and had access (with permission) to their inventory. With a smile and the blessing of the artistic director I borrowed a black bee costume complete with dilly boppers and a huge round tumbly with big wide yellow stripes running horizontally across it.

Knowing of my nephew's plight I quickly put on my costume complete with the belly touching the steering wheel and drove directly to the hospital. After dodging onlookers on the elevator I headed straight for little Paul's room.
The mood changed. Paul's frown was now upside down and I was required to buzz around and cheer up others at my nephew's request.

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lbrasz wrote: some people just have a nak to cheer up others good for you

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