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Use of Smile Cards Pays a Surprise Dividend

--by joelore, posted Mar 10, 2007

The second time I used my smile cards was to  pay for the sunday newspapers for 2 senior citizens that come into a nice, clean,  little breakfast place every Sunday early in the morning, just to pick up the Sunday newspaper.  I got in very early that morning and  I handed the card to the owner with some money to cover the 2 newspapers and I said I wanted to pay for the 2 sunday papers that the older people pick up every sunday.  "If you'd please give them this card when you tell them"  is what I said.  She looked at the card and with a half smile and asked if I had any more cards. I said I did and I gave her about 20 from my stash in the car before I left.

Today, about 10 days later, I went in for breakfast with my son. A few minutes after we started eating, a member of the US Army came in and sat down in the corner, dressed in uniform, and ordered breakfast.  He was all alone.

On my way out, I went to the owner to pay my bill and I said I'd like to take care of the soldier's breakfast also. As I was handing her another smile card,  she looked at me with a big smile and said, " I've already taken care of it, the same way.  He's someone that deserves it."

I've felt great all day long, knowing that I've helped another person get started using the smile cards, and doing  good things for others.

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jennieG wrote: What a great story! Thanks for the great ideas...
warmth wrote: u not only did a kind act but actually spreading the contagious positive deed. Thank u sharing the wonderful story and keep up the good work. :)
zidlore wrote: Your story just gave me more ideas! Thanks! You're a great model to your son, I hope he grow like you and be a generous and kind-hearted man. ^__^
philip1957 wrote: Practising one random act of kindness each day will set a chain reaction.
Faye wrote: The best part of life is "opportunity". Not only did you experience the opportunity to give to others, you received the unique opportunity to see how your gift of kindness continues to move about the world. The journey is endless! Thank you for walking this journey with all of us:)
sheetal wrote: What a super experience. Its like sharing a gift that keeps giving. God knows where the ripples of this experiment will reach.
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
keymaker wrote: That's really great! There is no feeling like giving the gift of giving. :)
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi joelore
Five happy people in one story you certainly started a chain reaction in that breakfast place.
I bet there will be a few more meals given out to deserving custumers in the future.
afriendlysmile :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a great story! It helps reinforce that kindness CAN be spread! Thanks for sharing this one!
raqui wrote: I love it. With your son there you are setting a great example for him. Keep it going. HUGS Raqui

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