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For the Children

--by raqui, posted Mar 8, 2007

My daughter was admitted into the hospital ward for testing.  During her stay, I noticed the very old VCR, movies, broken books, and old game systems with poor controllers.

What really broke my heart was when they wheeled the VCR into my daughter's room and some of the videos were missing out of the cases. 

The little boy who made friends with my daughter was upset because his favorite movie was missing.

The Nurse went to find out if the movies were misplaced.  When she returned, she said the movies were missing.

Missing I asked? "Oh yeah," she said "things go missing here all the time.  We just got a couple of new movies and they disappeared with in a couple of days."

This made me very sad,  I knew it wasn't children sneaking out VCR tapes.  Parents  and vistors had to be behind it.  The few things they had to entertain the children were given by staff members of the Pediatric unit.

I couldn't believe that anyone would take from children who were in the hospital.

My daughter was in the hospital for almost two weeks. I put up flyers in my building and also went through some of my daughters old things. By the time she was released, I was able to donate 17 VHS movies suitable for children and 26 childrens books to the Pediatric Unit.

I felt happy that I was able to pull some resources together to give to the pediatric unit that cared for my child.


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Flowers wrote: Good on you:)
tambu wrote: What one person can do... A wonderful gesture from the heart. Thanks!
Ginny wrote: What great thing do, insteed of just leaving at that you went the extra mile. You heled people out. I am sure that you made so many kids smile every day just for going the exta mile. It takes alot of heart and gut to go out there and help people. What a great thing for you to do.
sheetal wrote: dear raqui
this is a beautiful thought and still more powerful act...
warm regards
speedi wrote: That was so wonderful of you,,so sad that people feel the need to steal from others espically sick children they need our prayers
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Raqui
You are a real action girl,when you see a need you do some thing about it.

Your caring nature will really get the smiles going in your area.

afriendlysmile :)
monkeyinpajamas wrote: That was a really kind gesture...sometimes nothing can be as rewarding as kindness to children.
raqui wrote: Thank you both for your words, It does make you feel great when someone leaves a comment for you. You both got me smiling :) Raqui
ieiblue wrote: wow... so good of you...i know it's something for the children...

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