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We're All In This Together

--by Jesstars, posted Mar 11, 2007
I read a lot of spirit and intention books. I remember reading Wayne Dyer one night and in his Power of Intention book, he wrote something along the lines of if you can’t give a homeless person money, give him a smile.

The other day I was waiting for the light to change in downtown San Francisco and there was a homeless guy who was walking around with his sign and he went from car to car (I was the 3rd one in). The cars reacted as they usually do, just closing the windows and ignoring him, one car moved up, you know the drill. As he came to my car, I looked him in the eye and I gave him a HUGE smile, I said I’m sorry I can’t give you money and he just stood there smiling at me. There was probably a 10 second pause before the light turned and he could have gone to some other cars, but he just stood there smiling. I was smiling and then as it changed, he stood there, smiling and then he gave me a  wave and I waved back. There was something so pivotal in that moment. I literally teared up as I drove away and it hit me so hard!

The more we treat everyone like humans and give them a simple act of kindness from the heart,  the better we will be as people! 

Dyer also says, someone that gives and receives and even watches that act of kindness’ vibration will rise… It’s just incredible stuff!!
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thaata wrote: Smile is the universal language which affects every heart it encounters. To share them freely with others is the noblest deed of kindness.
dolphine wrote: Never knew that a smile can be an act of kindness,i know better now
susan evans wrote: WOW. THAT REALLY MADE ME SMILE!!!! at the end of the day we are all human 'beings' or spirits having a human experience and i believe that whatever we are doing at this moment in our lives is correct - there is no right or wrong because drama happens 'for' us and not 'to' us - therefore we are all equal under the sun....because as 'beings' of light we are pure love...but our egos get in the way and start to judge others for what they have and don't have....and so we lose the our natural ability to give love freely because we always expect something in return - what can he do for me, what can she offer me in return.... when we give without expectation the rewards are felt and fill us with happiness....AND THAT'S JUST LOVELY!!!!!
sheetal wrote: Your story is very inspiring. A good reminder that a smile can indeed change a life.
Thanks for sharing.
Ginny wrote: Hey what great thing to do and what great story to share.
speedi wrote: you NEVER know why a homless person is homeless so we should never pass up on the chance to smile or say hello
abdi wrote: the get cold in when they minimizing in
the emotion of the body
Rats wrote: Today i am going to make a promise to keep smiling even if i don't get it back from others. Your experience has inspired me and will be remembered at all times.Get Going!!!
sweena wrote: The moments like this will cherish throughout our life...keep it up friend...g8 day for all of u
monkeyinpajamas wrote: Wow.I feel so happy to know that you cared so much about that homeless man to treat him with so much love.
keep smiling.

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