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Pancakes & Praise

--by carol, posted Mar 13, 2007

Late Saturday morning,  the local IHOP restaurant was a zoo. Our middle-aged waiter stood out in a sea of young co-workers.  He made a passing comment that he had been at it for five hours already - and so I observed him for the rest of the meal.

He was a veritable Whirling Dervish, a blur of motion, carrying heavy, hot platters, stacks and stacks of plates, remembering my request for this or that.

As we were leaving, I went up to him and said, "You know what?  I think you should have a nice day"   and slipped him a tip that exceeded the cost of our meal.  When he unfolded the denomination to see what it was, he smiled and said, "This will help!"

Hats off to all of the minimum-wage wait-staff out there --  hard, hard work for little money - I admire your work ethic!

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melesai wrote: Bless you for that. Most people dont care about the service workers. Only what is wrong with their orders.
sewingsphynx wrote: I often wonder how wait staff does it - remembering orders and what order goes with who. Good service deserves that extra.
tambu wrote: Such a simple yet, meaningful gesture... thank you!
Ginny wrote: Ask a high school teen and not having lot of money on me. I why do ofen find myslef paying the bill but not leaving that big of tip. Now that makes what leave a nice tip for all the hard working people at there.
speedi wrote: I agree waiters/waitress work hard and often for minumum wage and often have to share tips..I'm sure you made his Sunday
Esa Esa wrote: How Sweet!!
Rats wrote: That was wonderful act of kindness.I am sure your heart melted when he smiled with happiness within.Keep Going!!!
Zelda wrote: We have travelled afew times and seeing people earn so little breaks my heart - we once had a pregnant lady serv us.....the tip was more than the bill.... we alwasy tip well cause they need it more than you would know!
sheetal wrote: Very, very thougtful of you.
God bless

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